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If you have an address, enter the Street Number and Street Name , then click the Submit button.

Enter Street Information

* Do not use street pre-direction (i.e.: N, S, E, W) or street suffixes (i.e.: STR, RD, AVE) as part of street name.

Enter the Street Number and the Street Name of the property.
*(Do not use street predirection or street suffixes as part of street name.)

For 500 S. Grand Central Parkway:
Enter 500 in Street Number field
Enter Grand Central in the Street Name field.

Currently, the address database does not differentiate between streets such as 5th and Fifth. Please make sure that the proper full street name is used.

Some Zip Codes are wholly contained in a certain jurisdiction. Click the link below to view these Zip Codes.

Listing of Unique Jurisdiction Zip Codes

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