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Data sharing is central to the success of GIS in Southern Nevada. There are four methods in which GISMO provides data. The first, GIS Interlocal Agreements are only available to local governmental agencies. The other three methods listed below are available to public citizens and private companies.

FREE Southern Nevada GIS Data - Downloadable GIS Data Sets are being provided via an ftp site. The data includes street centerlines, general points of interest, tax code boundaries, zoning classifications plus much more. This data supports basic GIS activities including geocoding addresses and creating small scale mapping products.

Annual GIS Data Subscriptions - GIS Data Subscriptions are available to private individuals and/or companies. The available data includes parcel boundaries and digital aerial photography. Those individuals and/or organizations interested in obtaining up to date property ownership and/or landuse information may be interested in the GIS Data Subscriptions. For those interested in reviewing much of this same information on-line, refer to the OpenWeb Info Mapper ( Internet application.

Individual Data Sales - Private individuals and/or companies can purchase subsets of the GIS data warehouse on a as needed basis. The GIS Data Request Form identifies the most popular data sets. Individual data purchases are most appropriate for site specific analysis where updates are not a priority.

The GISMO's responsibilities go beyond maintaining the GIS data warehouse. GISMO also maintains the Street Centerline Database used by 911 dispatch services, provides specific support for County Departments and produces generic and specialized products for the public as represented in the GIS Map Product Request Form.

The GISMO is available to help market GIS functionality within private and governmental organizations. If interested in exploring this possibility, give our office a call.

Resource Documents
Document describing the data sharing agreements among local governmental agencies in Southern Nevada. Interlocal Agreements
Document discussing technical issues associated with the Southern Nevada GIS data warehouse. GIS Data Unzipping Procedures
Templates to be used for those supplying data to the Southern Nevada GIS data warehouse. Download GIS Metadata Templates and Standards
Need help filing out the XML metadata template? (You will need to have ArcCatalog) Help with filling out the XML metadata.
Agreement necessary to purchase Clark County Assessor Parcel Data. 
For more information on this agreement click here.
Clark County Assessor's Office Parcel Data Agreement

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